What's Hiding Your True You?

Written by Bridgett Hart

When I was still dating, one of my guy friends told me I couldn’t find love because I was too fat.

Of course, my response was to cut him off and think about what a big jerk he was for saying such a thing…

After all, I knew plenty of women larger than me that had love.

But, the truth is, he was right. At least partially.

At the time, my weight was a symptom of a life I wasn’t happy with.
I was doing all the things I thought I should do, but forgoing a lot of the things I wanted because they weren’t “the norm” or “acceptable” to the group I spent most of my time with.
That caused me to carry shame around in the form of extra weight.

I hid behind pounds.

So, I began my process of getting free and creating the life I really wanted regardless of what other people thought (who knew that just cuz they were church people, they DIDN’T actually know everything).

Of course, the weight dropped off and I met and eventually married my husband.

Now, because of medical issues that I’ll tell you about later, my weight is back to where it was during that dark time.

Except now, I have an amazing husband and daughter (plus 2 sets of grandparents for her!) Who surround me with love and support when I’m going through struggles.

So instead of it being a weight gain that I’m just living with, it’s a medical issue that’s being handled quickly by a whole support team.

What have people tried to tell you about why you’re single?

Which ring true and which seem ridiculous?

Too fat, too skinny, too powerful, too quiet, too loud, too intimidating, too tall, too short, too spiritual, not spiritual enough… It can feel never-ending.

Let’s talk about it…

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