Do you know WHY you’re in your 30’s and still single?

I do.  

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  1. The 3 most common dating mistakes you’re making and how to stop
  2. How to let go of relationships that aren’t serving you and attract the love you want
  3. Why the methods that make you successful don’t work in your love life
  4. How to create systems and self-talk that will automate you recovery and transformation
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Have you asked yourself any of these questions lately???

What’s wrong with me?

What do I need to change to get what I want?

Why am I so successful in my career and lifestyle, but a total failure in my love life?

Why do I feel like I’m crazy in this relationship?

Why am I still single at 30? 35? 40?

Why did he marry her instead of me?

What the f*%# IS love anyhow????

If you have asked yourself one of more of these questions lately, it’s TIME for you to get FREE and ATTRACT the love you really want…

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How To Breakup With Him, Heal Your Broken Heart, And Attract The Love You Want

I’ve coached (and known) too many phenomenal single women that I know are a catch.  

In fact, I was one myself!  

But, the process of getting out of the relationship that was holding me back, figuring out what I really wanted, and finally attracting an amazing love relationship took me nearly a decade….

Since then, I’ve spent another decade helping women move through the same process far more quickly with less anxiety, more confidence, and effective tools​​.

If any of this sounds like you… click below to register for this free webinar today,,,

This training covers super valuable information that I’ve previously only shared with my one-on-one clients AND I won’t post it publicly once it’s done.  ​​

If you join me online, I promise you:

I’ll give you actionable steps you can take today to move you forward whether you feel you need to leave your current relationship, you’re in the process of a breakup, or you’ve been single for a while.

If you want to attract the love of your life, this webinar is for you.

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As a special bonus, everyone who pre-registers will receive a recording of the webinar after​​ it’s over in case you aren’t able to attend live.

Still not sure? 

Check out a few of my success stories…

“I was in a 18 year marriage that had so many ups and downs. I had felt because of certain circumstances, I would forever be stuck in a marriage that wasn’t just miserable but detrimental to my internal happiness and the happiness of my children. If I had any thoughts of getting out of the situation, I would talk myself out of it because I could only see road blocks.
That was until I started to work with Bridgett Hart. She helped me realize that I could either dwell on the obstacles that I saw before me or I could do something about them. She worked hand in hand with me to put a game plan together. Day by day things came together and my husband moved out of the house and my divorce was filed. I can’t express what it meant to have someone in my corner when I felt like I wasn’t strong enough to do what I needed to do. Not only did I accomplish those hurdles but I grew as a person to know that I do have the strength in me to do anything. I need to follow my heart and listen to my gut. Thank you Bridgett for your advice, direction, confirmation and support.”

(update – now she’s happily re-married to the love of her life who brings her and her kids a ton of happy moments!)

– Melissa P. | HR Director

“Bridgett is wonderful. I am really so glad I have been able to work with her. I may not be on the same track as I had intended when I started this journey, but I have been able to improve my happiness and my life since working with Bridgett. Sometimes life opens more doors than you look for, and she helped me to see that.”

(update – Melissa and her serious boyfriend are traveling the world and enjoying a whole new love experience together!)

– Melissa M. | Operations Director

My mission in life has always been to do whatever I can to set the next generation up for success.

Through my life experience, education, and my truth in love coaching style, I found the best way for me to do just that…

By helping people have true love relationships (with themselves and others), I can help more kids grow up in happy, positive, loving environments and therefore, help create more loving adults to run the world in the next era. 

My guiding principle is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, what some call The Love Chapter“.  I live and teach from this credo in my personal life and coaching practice.  I recently wrote an article​ a​bout how we do it at home.

Hosted by Bridgett Hart, certified Life Coach and Family Life Educator

I cannot wait to share this webinar with you! 

You deserve freedom and true love… 

Reserve your spot today and see if this training doesn’t change your love life forever…